The Big Bang

Updated: May 1, 2020

Lets us all take a minute and sit to think how the universe started, and slowly but surely we drift on into the depths of our minds and become dazzled in the amazements of this magnificent place. After a few moments, and some incredible images racing through our prefrontal cortex, it’s seems we have forgotten about the gas on our cookers?

Yes, we may have all come a long way since the dawn of time and the Big Bang, but our star dust ancestry does not seemed to have anticipated our pretty hectic lives of today. As the magnificence of our being is inventing ever more wonderful ways to stay in touch with everything on the planet from your Alexia’s to Ring doorbell, the simple things in our homes can often get forgotten. Our minds are so full with information we are like an overloaded phone with constantly running apps which have not been updated in a while, we simple have too much on our minds to worry about the mundane.

So what is the mundane, your home appliances is one for starters!! How often do you get your boiler serviced as a home owner? As a landlord it is your legal obligation to keep the appliances in the homes you rent up to standards, and safe. Which includes the gas boiler, and all gas appliances, cookers, gas fires ect. As a engineer working on gas appliances, it is far too common we are always called when things go wrong. The boiler has had its own “Big Bang“ and so will the pounds in your pocket. The Christmas season is still in the rear view mirror, and as much as it can be financially difficult for people to reach into their pockets for a boiler Service, I am here to remind them it’s far more sagging on the bottom line of the accounts letter for a boiler to go ”bang”. Regular annual maintenance (as a minimum) should be at the top of all home owners lists for the gas appliances.

Try to get this on your list as a regular ”must do”, I can see your boiler on the wall chugging away. You barely even notice it, until it starts becoming that bit louder and the heating is slowly cooling off, and just like the Big Bang and the dawn of time (the most widely accepted theory hahaha) out of nowhere your boiler has banged itself into boiler heaven.

Take care of your appliances on a regular basis just like you would your car (if you have one) and you could save yourself a costly repair bill or expensive installation cost of a new boiler and upgraded heating system. Just some numbers for you to consider,

on average a boiler service can cost you (without the replacement of any defective components) between £65 -90/year. A boiler repair could cost you anywhere where between £200 -600 (possibly more depending on what’s being replaced)

A new boiler installation can cost anywhere between £1500 -£3000 (possibly more again depending on the level of further work required with the new installation)

A well looked after boiler should last you somewhere between 10-15 years.

Keep your boilers happy, and avoid the onset of your very own Big Bang.

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